Who is nicole ari parker dating

Whose idea was it to take what was written on the page and make it a reality? We fought it until the whole crew begged us to finally get together.

Boris: We had planned a very elaborate version of our wedding in LA.

He was dating his girlfriend Nicole Ari Parker before the couple decided to convert their alleged affair into a marriage.

The coupled got married in the year 2005, and they have been happily living as husband and wife ever since.

There is no chance of a divorce to occur between them as the husband and wife duo and their two kids make one happy family, with.

The names of his children are Sophie Tei Naaki Lee Kodjoe and Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe. He is a massive superstar in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The pair were glowing with love and joy for one another and sharing one sweet sentiment after the next.

Actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker met and fell in love when they played lovers on the old Showtime series “Soul Food.” Ten years and two kids later, they’re jumping feet-first into the talk-show shark tank with a new series premiering Monday at 11 a.m. Your relationship was first created in a script, so how did you transition? Boris: At first we were very hesitant because we were aware of the cliché [of actors falling in love] and we didn’t want to fall into that.

“The Boris and Nicole Show” has as its first guests Alfonso Ribeiro, the new host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” and actress Serayah Mc Neill, co-star of the monster hit drama “Empire.” Kodjoe and Parker stopped by The Post to talk about their lives and their newest venture.

She starred with her husband, model and actor Boris Kodjoe, in UPN's situation comedy Second Time Around.

After a string of odd jobs (including scooping ice cream), bit roles, and low wage work in the theater circuit, Parker was offered her breakthrough role on Soul Food.