Who is dating simon cowell

All I know is I'm in that moment and I'm thoroughly entertained.” She added, “Sometimes I think to myself it's better left unsaid and it's better not to even ask.So it is more of a surprise the second time round because sometimes even though they seem like a one-hit wonder, they can pull some stuff out of the bag…the music star said, "I mean literally, when she walked on set on the first day in the UK I thought that she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life." Asked if he liked to work with women he found attractive, Simon replied, "A lot of them yes, I'm not going to lie." singer worked alongside Dannii Minogue, with whom Simon is said to have enjoyed more than a working relationship.The music mogul also recently split with US model Carmen Electra.We're taking that as confirmation that yep, they're really dating.at just 14 years old and Cheryl (then going by the name Cheryl Cole) was a judge.“We're people who date.” Regardless of their relationship status, the British music mogul is clearly smitten with the 40-year-old brunette beauty. After the pair was first spotted out on a date in September, Electra couldn’t help but gush when asked about the new man in her life. “The thing is, we worked together on ‘Britain's Got Talent.’ I was a guest judge and I had so much fun. I think he's really cool." “Now, obviously, he's in [Los Angeles] with ‘X-Factor’ and we started to hang out and we became friends ...PHOTOS: ODD CELEBRITY COUPLES “She's adorable, isn't she? I think he's a great guy.” Earlier this year, Electra ended her four-year engagement with rocker Robert Patterson and Cowell ended his two-year engagement with makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy.

Mel revealed, “I don't because I like to just react to what I'm seeing there and then.

the next time that you see them that you wouldn't have even thought of.” Simon agreed, saying, “I think in this day and age it's almost impossible to predict that kind of stuff because so many factors have to happen after the show.” He noted past success stories, explaining, “If you look at One Direction or Susan Boyle, I mean, I don't think any of us when we first worked with both acts could have possibly have predicted what was going to happen next.” Cowell said ultimately it is up to the person in terms of how hard they will fight for success. I mean, I thought, ‘Yes, that was funny.' And then he gets like 30, 40 million hits on You Tube or something.

“It's got to be in them that they are going to push and fight for a successful career afterwards. You just can't predict (things) anymore.” Mel B concurred, saying, “He went viral big-time.” Simon and Mel B join fellow judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel for the live shows tonight at 8 p.m.

But exclusivity may not be in the cards for Cowell and Electra just yet.

Cowell sparked romance rumors after he was photographed taking “True Blood” actress Janina Gavankar to dinner at Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood earlier this month.