Vikki and rikki mongeon dating

Here is Jen Riservato’s official cast photo and bio from the show: Lanky lifeguard Jen is hoping to rescue the Ikki twins from a sea of scary male suitors.

The liplocking took place while Jen was in her first one-on-one conversation with Rikki. “We definitely had a connection, Rikki and I,” said Jen in a voice over. Perhaps she will have more luck with one of the other hot ladies on the Ionian Princess?

Brown said Vikki is upbeat about her sister's recovery.

Victoria Mongeon is a television personality and a model.

Rikki: Yes, we're both looking for our own individual love. Did you talk about what you would do if you liked the same person?

Vikki: We didn't even think about that as a possibility in the beginning because it's not something that's ever happened to us before.