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You keep hearing talk of "AMD" and "baseless", but you aren't sure what to do or where to start. When you’re working with Java Script, you’re working with objects.

In this tutorial, we learn all about this new module format, and explore how to write an application using it. With the rise of technologies like Node.js, server side Java Script is a very viable option.

A common way of using the Custom Validator is when you need to make a database lookup to see if the value is valid.

If none of the other validators can help you, the Custom Validator usually can.

It doesn't come with a predefined way of working; you write the code for validating your self.

The problem appears to be with Chrome, and is independent of my back-end framework.

See this problem in action: js Fiddle ..problem for editing records, of course. Or have I missed something about the way the HTML-5 date field is supposed to work?