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Keeping your Internet browser up-to-date is important for both security and ensuring that web pages load properly.

We also recommend that you update any plug-ins, extensions, or other add-ons you have installed.

If there is no file in a homebrew application then an icon is included if one can be found.

Device Manager can also try and update the drivers for you itself, and Windows users are strongly recommended to try this update facility as a first step - see Extra help for Windows users below.

Once you have the necessary information about your sound device, you can normally obtain appropriate updated drivers specific to your hardware from the internet.

The Homebrew Browser allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. Create an /apps folder on the root of your SD card (e.g. Copy the homebrew_browser folder to the /apps folder on your SD card.

Have a look at the most popular applications downloaded with the Homebrew Browser Note: The Homebrew Browser does still seem to work as of May 2017, but you need to edit and change "setting_server" from 0 to 1 to make it use the backup server.