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As of June 2011 However, this number only reflects installed IM applications, and not active users.The engineers responsible for AIM claimed that they were unable to convince AOL management that free was the future.AOL were not happy about this and started blocking MSN Messenger from being able to access AIM.Around 2011 AIM started to lose popularity rapidly, partly due to the quick rise of Gmail and its built-in real-name Google Chat instant messenger integration in 2011 and because many people started purely moving onto SMS text messaging and later social networking websites for instant messaging. It allows you to keep in touch with many people through text, video and multimedia chat.Sure it ran alright, but it was still in need of an overhaul after many pit stops.

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All GET requests to the sandbox and production endpoints https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/and https://secure2.authorize.net/gateway/endpoints will fail and will return a reason response code 66, "This transaction cannot be accepted for processing." We have deprecated our SOAP API that offered support primarily for Customer Information Manager.

We strongly recommend that developers move to the Authorize. This will allow us to continue providing developers with the most up-to-date features and to support a single, consistent platform.

AIM's popularity declined steeply at the end of the decade, and its fall has often been compared with other once-popular internet services such as My Space.

This does not include other instant messaging software related to or developed by AOL, such as ICQ and i Chat.