Ryan seacrest dating anderson cooper

" took to social media this week to react to the news that Ryan Seacrest had snagged the permanent co-host gig.Viewers and insiders had been curious who Ripa and her crew would choose the permanent seat previously held by Michael Strahan ever since he left the show almost exactly a year ago.Secretary Mc Donald said that disciplinary action has been taken against 5,600 employees and more firings are on the way.Drew Griffin discusses today's developments with Anderson.It follows a scandal that was uncovered by CNN Senior Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin.

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@Live Kelly.” Billy Eichner amusingly exclaimed, “Viva Seacrest!

The tragedy tore apart Cooper and his mother, and his inability to talk about his brother's death play a part in his future career decisions he explained, saying; 'I started going overseas and going to places where life and death was very real and where people were suffering tremendous loses.

She later got emotional when she began speaking about hearing other people talking about her son, fighting back tears as she said; 'Some people who knew Carter will start to talk about him and then say, "Oh, I'm sorry."In his current interview with People, Cooper says of Carter; 'I think it's hard for me to imagine that he would be 50.

The VA has begun the process of dismissing four high level officials, including one at the center of the 2012 outbreak of legionnaire's disease.

It sickened 21 veterans in Pittsburgh and five later died.