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Strictly Come Dancing star Caroline Flack has admitted she and her professional dance partner Pasha Kovalev have already shared a few too many ‘intimate’ moments.

The former Xtra Factor host has been getting up close and personal with Pasha for the past month and says the pair of them have been forced to get to know each other pretty quickly during their intense training regime.

There’s long been no love lost between “Shimmy Jimmy” and the male judges, with the feisty Jordan tending to bristle at their criticisms and answer back.

His most memorable series was in 2007, when he and wife Ola were partnered with Gabby and Kenny Logan, meaning two married couples competed against each other.

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You don’t know this person and then you are doing the tango and you have your thigh between their thigh all day.’ And we reckon Pasha’s new girlfriend, Countdown star Rachel Riley, knows the feeling after she was partnered up with him on the show last year.The Countdown presenter was married when she took part in the BBC dance contest but announced the end of her 16-month marriage when she waltzed out of the show in November.Speculation at the time was rife that her husband, James Gilbert, was fiercely jealous of her closeness on the ballroom floor with Pasha, and while no third party was involved in their split, Rachel is now dating her dance partner and it seems they’re ready to shout their relationship status from the rooftops.Pasha’s new partner Naga is an ITV newsreader who was involved with the recent controversy about male anchors sitting on the left side of the sofa.since season nine back in 2011, when he was the runner-up (as in 2012 as well), and won the show with partner Caroline Flack in 2014. Having competed with his partner Anya Garnis in Amateur Latin championships in Russia, they moved to the US in 2000.