Most uniform way of dating documents

Good question, I was looking into this myself as well.

I came across the Versioning module of the Mongoid driver for Ruby.

A fairly common requirement in database applications is to track changes to one or more specific entities in a database.

I've heard this called row versioning, a log table or a history table (I'm sure there are other names for it).

Fellow Citizens of the Senate, and House of Representatives.

In resuming your consultations for the general good, you cannot but derive encouragement from the reflection, that the measures of the last Session have been as satisfactory to your Constituents, as the novelty and difficulty of the work allowed you to hope.If Chomsky and Piaget are suing Skinner and Thorndike, and if the names are in that order on the court decision, the case name is Chomsky v. Abbreviate the word Reporting the Decision You’ll often find court decisions printed in bound volumes called case reporters. Some are reported in slip opinions, and some are available only in electronic databases, in periodicals, or on the Internet.These reporters are the second element of the reference. Appendix 7.1 of the shows reference examples for a case affirmed by the appeals court, a case published as a slip opinion, and a case published in an electronic database (see the examples on p.I haven't used it myself, but from what I could find, it adds a version number to each document.Older versions are embedded in the document itself.