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An additional four minors were murdered by Israeli civilians.

Defense for Children International (Palestine), a nonprofit working on children’s’ rights issues in Occupied Palestine, noted that Hjeiji was the seventh minor killed by Israeli police forces in 2017.

Police brutality against Palestinians, including children, by Israeli police officers, is a widespread and under-discussed phenomenon.

Amnesty International issued a report in 2016 that showed that Israeli authorities demonstrated “an appalling disregard for human life by using reckless and unlawful lethal force against Palestinians.” The report revealed at least 20 cases of use of lethal force in an unlawful manner against Palestinians, fifteen of which posed no imminent threat to life.

[speaks foreign language] I just know there’s no stopping us.

[speaks foreign language] Yeah, after work we can do whatever, man.

[soft piano music plays] [Tom] I love being a stand-up comedian.

[woman] Anytime I do something nice for you, – you shit on me!

There’s a grey area in dating many people get hung up on — a grey area where feelings are ambiguous or one person has stronger feelings than the other. As a man, a huge question is often whether to be persistent and continue pursuing a woman even when she seems lukewarm or hot/cold on your advances.” “Well, I know she likes me, but she didn’t call me back last weekend, what should I do? This is where you get rules about making men pay for this many dates before you can become intimate.” “He treats me well when he’s around, but he’s hardly around. ” Most dating advice exists to “solve” this grey area for people. Or how men need to transition from attraction phase to comfort phase by qualifying three times before they’re allowed to commence an escalation ladder.Hello, and this is my first image I’m uploading to Know Your Meme.I want to set a rule here; If I’m posting a image, I’ll make damn sure I post the source for it.