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He was being cared for by the island's Child Development Unit.He added: "The suspects drove away in the victim's car. It will be examined and we hope we will get evidence from the vehicle." A colleague of Ms Farman, who did not want to be named, said: "She is the most kind-hearted lady I have met in my life.Only Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Lithuania voted against the measure in support of Britain.Mauritius' defence minister, Anerood Jugnauth, told General Assembly members before the vote that the Chagos archipelago has been part of Mauritius since at least the 18th century and was unlawfully taken by the United Kingdom in 1965, three years before the island nation gained independence from Britain.The loss for Britain came as it begins negotiations to leave the European Union, and there was a lack of support for the UK from the 27 other EU members.

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The EU Treaty provides for a period of 2 years during which the terms of exit would be negotiated between the UK and the UK, unless a different date is agreed.

Mauritius has a number of treaties in place with the UK and a large number of them predate 1973 when the UK became a full-fledged number of the European Economic Community.

The 47-year-old's body was found on her bed after police were called to the property in Albion in the early hours of Friday morning.

Ms Farman’s 10-year-old autistic son was also found in the property.