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Since verified Twitter users are vetted by Twitter, Loveflutter is hailing Blue “the safest dating community ever.” The feature is currently accepting applications and will initially roll out in five cities — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo — once 1,000 people sign up in each location.

It’s free for those first 1,000 founding members, but expect to see monthly fees and pricing tiers in the future.

The same party a messy Drake invited John Mayer and Katy Perry to attend and they did. Now you’re up to date for the next time someone asks, “What the hell’s going on with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, yo?!

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Since he can't afford the Porsche he's always had his eye on he's settling for a 2016 fully loaded Acura?My main complaint with Taylor Swift is that she no longer does it well — you can see the puppet strings.You can see the goddamn photographer she hired to follow her friends around all weekend. I’d like to believe that she is intentionally exposing the artifice of celebrity, but I’m not sure she has that much DGAF in her.Some, though, think it might be nothing more than a publicity stunt. For every adoring feed, titled things like “All Tom, all the time” and “TEAM HIDDLESTON,” there is one simply titled “Go f— yourself Tom Hiddleston” and another titled “Tom Hiddleston Ruined Everything." Much of this hate seems to focus on his most famous role.Mostly, though, the Web is full of “Loki” jokes, referring to the villain Hiddleston plays in the “Thor” films. Yes, he gained international fame for playing Loki in several films, but there’s another side to the British actor that many fans likely don’t know.