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Year after year, women who had arrived with the same test scores and grades as men fell behind.

Attracting and retaining female professors was a losing battle; from 2006 to 2007, a third of the female junior faculty left.

As they stood amid the brick buildings named after businessmen from Morgan to Bloomberg, black-and-crimson caps and gowns united the 905 graduates into one genderless mass.

The latter correspondence has been somewhat overlooked by scholars but covers the years either side of the Great War – a crucial period in Brian’s development as a composer – and casts a fascinating light on the composition of two of his most ambitious works, the .Originals of the Bantock correspondence were originally purchased by Mc Master University in Canada and copies were kindly made available to the Brian Archive.Likewise, the Newman correspondence originals are housed in the National Archive of the British Library. Brian seems to have retained very little of the correspondence he received, but a few special items are preserved, including letters from Vaughan Williams, Sir Henry Wood and Richard Strauss (to whom the was dedicated)."It's with regret that we say goodbye to this all-time classic - the decision to de-list Iceberger is one we know will sadden ice cream lovers across Ireland."Icebergers will be available in select stores nationwide for a limited time only." Colm Kelpie The Common Travel Area and north/south and east/west cooperation under the Good Friday Agreement will be looked at in detail in the next round of Brexit negotiations, Brexit Secretary David Davis...