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ASSEMBLING flat-pack furniture can be a painful experience.

Curses, misinterpreted instructions and “missing” components are all par for the course – if you’re a human, that is.

But Flake’s calling ultimately remained his church, and halfway through his sixth term in Congress he left to return to New York.

“I realize I could never be a Beltway politician,” Flake noted.

The collection consists of screenplays, teleplays, treatments, and other writings for what appear to be movie and television projects...

Adams (Mason) papers Mason Adams was an actor whose career spanned film, radio, television, and theater.

Both his parents had only an elementary school education.

The pair follow a robot-friendly blueprint which is automatically generated from the software files that describe the flat-pack furniture you’ve purchased.

Right now, the robots can only get to work on the Lack range of coffee tables, but the MIT team is planning to expand their repertoire.

One holds each table leg in position and the other screws it into place with a gripper on the end of its arm.

The MIT team employs two mobile robots with arms, called Kuka you Bots.