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In addition to the scholarships awarded by the company, we consider it important to offer experience for interns – in the last three years, close to 70 interns have added to their experience at Merko.

In the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th years of the Shmita cycle Maaser Sheni is observed today by a ceremony redeeming tithing obligations with a coin; in the 3rd and 6th years, Maaser Ani is substituted, and no coin is needed for redeeming it.Her birth name is Sonia; she adopted the screen name Charulatha after entering the Kannada film industry.She started her career as a model, appearing for brands such as Malabar jewelers, Ayodhya jewelers, Saree Kendra and Ujala.The discussion of when the New Year occurs was a source of debate among the rabbis: "And there are four new year dates: – The first of Nisan – new year for kings and festivals – The first of Elul – new year for animal tithes.Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Shimon say: – The first of Tishrei– new year for calculation of the calendar, sabbatical years and jubilees, for planting and sowing – The first of Shevat, according to the school of Shamai; The school of Hillel says: the fifteenth of Shevat" (Rosh Hashana:2a).