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Heads up Ixquick users, the company behind the popular search engine announced today that it will merge the search engine with the company's other big search engine, Start Page.

What it means, basically, is that Ixquick will serve the same search results that Start Page provides.

The date command displays or sets the system date and time.

If using a global system I would recommend the use of the three letter month to avoid any confusion.

Currently, only certain languages have special formatting and handling: English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.Embargo requirements vary by publisher; please consult the Publisher Policy Database for publisher-specific information.American’s tend to forget that their date format is ONLY used in America, the rest of the world uses the British/European date formats.Have you ever been looking for something but didn’t know where to find it?If that something is online, then your search is over (or just about to begin).