Automatic updating cross references in word

Then go to the element in question and try to find out what happened.If a figure or table caption was accidentally deleted, recreate it.You are welcome to use the macros and Word tips provided on this website. You may not reproduce any of contents (with or without modification or credits) elsewhere on the web, or on CD.

You may experience cross-reference fields that are not updated even if you changed the referenced item, e.g. The problem may also be that one or more fields refer to section no. Finally, the problem could be that one or more fields contain a lot of text where you expected a reference to a heading only.

For inserting Cross-References in Word you need to caption every image.

Cross- References would only be inserted, if you have used Word features to insert headings, bookmarks, captions, etc in your document.

Word 2010 includes an easy way to insert image captions and to mark out headings bookmarks, footnotes for referencing.

It could be very handy for huge document when you need to view specified portion instantly.

Automatic updating cross references in word