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Today’s AI will confuse and confound most humans if left to construct sentences on its own.Smoothing out the rough edges and hand-holding AI along its growth process will be essential as the technology matures. “Thankfully, along with great strides in the field of affective computing (focused on emotion) there is a growing desire to implement ethical design methodologies that provably align AI outputs with end-users’ values.”AI is going through a stage of wanting to please its peers.If the recent Microsoft Tay debacle tell us anything, it’s that we’re very far away from a robot takeover, no matter what the movies say.Standalone artificial intelligence (AI) is merely a teenager in the technological landscape, and no story proves this more than the 16-hour transformation of Microsoft’s teenybopper persona into a feminist-hating Nazi.With each spurt, the technology advances a bit further and human acceptance increases.But just like with human growth spurts, this process can be painful and will inevitably result in mishaps and spasms along the way, as we saw with Tay and Google Photos before that.Virtual Talk is a AI chatting app that makes you talk with whomever you want.This app is one of the smartest chatbots in the world.

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We welcome all newbies, beginners and budding coders to this workshop as we break down some concepts and myths around AI, discuss the emerging role of chat bots and get stuck in to learning how to build your own chat bot with only 50 lines of code.If you find a link that is not current then please email me I have several chatbots.They are from three different chat bot hosting companies.To vote add your user id using ~~~ beside the bot in the table below.Microsoft is testing a new chat bot,, that is aimed primarily at 18- to 24-year-olds in the US.